The educational workshop “Reorganization of Museum Storage – RE-ORG Serbia”, organized by the Central Institute for Conservation at the National Museum in Kraljevo, was realized from December 2-7, 2019. The workshop gathered curators from Čačak, Vrnjačka Banja, Trstenik and Niš, in addition to the hosts from Kraljevo, who spent six days with the team of the Central Institute for Conservation from Belgrade, Natalija Ćosić and Veljko Džigić, through the topics of museum collections, storage condition assessment and reorganization project design. The Archaeological Storage of the National Museum in Kraljevo was selected as a case study this year, where participants had the opportunity to go through the entire process of reorganizing the museum storage in practice.

The project “Reorganization of Museum Storage – RE-ORG Serbia” is a multi-year program that deals in a theoretical and practical way with the problems of museum storage. The aim of the workshop was to arrange the storage space in accordance with the RE-ORG method, developed by ICCROM and UNESCO, thus improving accessibility and facilitating the use of collections. The first two days of the workshop participants went through the theoretical part of the course, while on the third day they started working in the Archaeological Storage, first on assessing the situation, and then on the technical recording of the situation and making a reorganization plan.

Participants in the workshop “Reorganization of Museum Storage – RE-ORG Serbia” bringing out the excess material from the access part of the Archaeological Storage of the National Museum in Kraljevo.

During the fourth and fifth day of the workshop, the participants completed most of the set plan for the reorganization of the Archaeological Storage. The access part of the storage was completely free of excess material, non-functional wooden furniture was removed from the storage itself, the layout of the existing shelves was changed, and new ones were added. The material was partially repackaged in new boxes, and new solutions were also found for stone monuments and other heavy objects, by recycling the existing material in the museum. On the sixth day, the participants finished the job of marking all the elements in the storage. A rulebook for the organization and management of storage has also been prepared. The results of the workshop were extremely satisfying, both for the workshop organizers and the participants and hosts. The workshop was conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

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