Queen Draga Obrenović, carrying the royal crown in 1900 in the minds of contemporaries and in later historiography that offered an explanation for the conspiracy, the brutal murder of the king and queen and the dynastic coup, filled an important part of the empty space in interpreting the effect of Obrenović’s rule as a whole.

Text by Dr. Ana Stolić, which found its place in the catalog of the exhibition “Our Fellow Citizen Queen Draga – Between Glory and Anathema”, is a good indicator of why the Museum of the Rudnik and Takovo Region devoted its research attention to Draga Obrenović, authored by senior curators Ana Ranković and Aleksandar Marušić. Of course, there are always personal, native reasons, and this time it is the fact that Draga Obrenović, a descendant of the famous ancestor, grandfather of Nikola Milićević Lunjevića, and that she was born in a small town, Gornji Milanovac at the foot of the mountain Rudnik. That is why she chose the name Rudničanka for her writing and translation pseudonym.

The exhibition is divided into segments that speak about the life of Draga Obrenović: Origin and youth, Mrs. Mašin, Queen Natalija’s court, King Alexander’s fiancée, Royal wedding, Life at the court, Queen of Serbia, Queen Draga 1902-1903, May tragedy 1903, and finally, the perception of the queen’s personality and the events of the Serbian historical scene abroad and in our country. The curator’s many years of work culminated in a representative visual experience with clear exhibition units, rich illustrative material and unusual museological ideas, so details from Queen Draga’s dress as well as details from numerous art performances dedicated to her were found on exhibition panels along with facts, and it is the one that has not been exploited so far, and it is extremely important for future research into the history of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition was realized in cooperation with over 12 museum and archive institutions and the Vraćevšnica Monastery, within which there is a museum of Obrenović.

It is necessary to remind that the Museum of the Rudnik and Takovo Region in 2010 launched the project “Obrenovići in Museum and Other Collections of Serbia and Europe”, whose editors are Ana Ranković and Aleksandar Marušić, who have published six volumes of material so far. about this dynasty. The project is also the basis of the author’s work on the exhibition “Our Fellow Citizen Queen Draga: Between Glory and Anathema”, and it should be noted that the private collections of Sigolen François d’Epere Vujić were also affirmed, as well as the collection of Stojan Brzak, which were processed and published, and presented within the exhibition.

The exhibition is accompanied by a printed catalog with texts by Dr. Ana Stolic, “Queen Draga Obrenović”, Aleksandar Marušić “Queen of Serbia in her Homeland: the Last Obrenović Visit to the Mining District in September 1901” and Dejan Vukelić, “Creative Evocations of the Memory of Queen Draga Obrenović in Cinematography, Theater and Popular Culture.”

Mirjana Mokrovčak Glišović
Senior Librarian
Museum of Rudnik and Takovo

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