Master’s letter issued to Vladislav Maržik for photographic craft, 1931, Belgrade

Vladislav Maržik, the first educated painter in Kraljevo, was issued a master’s letter for the photographic craft, for which he took the exam. The document was issued on September 16, 1931 by the Chamber of Crafts in Belgrade as “proof of professional qualification for a master in the sense of the Law on Shops”.

In the central field on the left is the personification of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, lavishly dressed and clad in a cloak, sitting next to the national coat of arms, with a sword in his right hand and a laurel wreath in his left hand. On the right, in the corner opposite it, is a blacksmith. The field is framed by a wide frame intertwined with lilies. In the frame, 24 crafts are shown in medallions, with four in the corners in larger medallions: carpentry, shoemaking, tailoring and masonry.

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