Pocket watch, personal item of the person shoot in Kraljevo in October 1941

The pocket watch is a personal item of the person shoot, whose name is not known, but it is known that he was a Slovenian, an employee of the Aircraft Factory. The clock was saved by Savko Nikolić, his colleague, who was also arrested and given a terrible task in the camp to bury the victims. Among them, he found someone still alive, friend from the Factory, who gave him his watch with the last strength to take to his family as a souvenir, if he survives and if he finds them, if not, to save it. With that plea on his lips, he exhaled, on Savko’s arms. Savko Nikolić survived, but he failed to find a family and kept the watch with the greatest of care his entire life. For the 74 years the watch stopped only once and Savko got so scared, as if his heart stopped. He took it to a famous master in Belgrade and repaired it. When Savko passed away, the watch was found next to him. According to his will, the family donated this memorial treasure to the National Museum in Kraljevo, which keeps it together with the story about its tragically killed owner and Savko Nikolić.

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