Dinar of Stefan Uroš II Milutin (1282-1321)

On the obverse there are standing figures of King Milutin, to the left and of Saint Stephen, to the right, who is handing the flag over to the king. The king has a crown and is dressed in a robe and cloak, while in his left hand he holds an acacia (scepter). Saint Stephen, with a halo, dressed in Dalmatic, accepts the gospel with his left hand. The text VROSIVS – R / E / X – S STEFAN flows around.

On the reverse is a representation of Christ with a halo, in a tunic and a colobion (cloak), who is sitting on a throne with a backrest, blessing with his right hand, and holding the gospel in his left. To the left and right of the head of Christ is the inscription IC – XC.

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